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At the beginning process of my retirement and transition plans, I hired a national company thinking that their resources and web presence would facilitate the selling of my practice. Fortunately, I met two young graduates who, with their young families, wanted to take over my practice. It was then that this company seemingly disappeared. To talk to the transition specialist required setting up appointments. They weren't interested in a brokerage, but only a long term transition. Luckily these two young dentists, looking at another practice in a smaller town east of my town, met that dentist's broker, Rich Nicely. Even though Rich was, at first, not involved with me, he provided key information to my buyers, especially helping them secure a banking source after we had exhausted all the national and local banks who kept shooting down the guys because they were "new grads".

When the timeline for the money reached a critical phase, and my local lawyer was struggling to create all the documents, the young dentists talked to Rich, and he offered his services to me if I wanted to hire him. Knowing I had spent a considerable sum with the national company Rich made a generous offer to help. The deadline for the bank's lending offer would expire by the end of January, (3 weeks left), and even though I had never met Rich, I agreed. It was the best, and correct move. Rich became the quarterback of the team, enrolled an attorney with years of experience in dental brokerages to complete the contracts and personally handled all the last minute details and issues prior to finalizing the contracts. My local attorney was elated because she was a real estate lawyer with no prior dental business transition experience. Rich was able to weave through all the hurdles, coordinated with the lending bank and all went smoothly. Rich was so generous, flew down from Dallas at 6 pm for the contact signing to ensure correctness and flew back at 10 pm that evening. Because there were extra attorney expenses, Rich deducted those expenses from his quote. It felt miraculous that in three weeks, Rich was able to complete this project that the other company hadn’t been able to complete in over 8 months.


In closing, I had an opportunity to get to know Rich in several long conversations. Devoted to his family, dedicated to providing quality services, extremely knowledgeable in his field, coupled with his sense of fairness, humility, and honesty, Rich wove a tapestry which gave both parties a feeling of equality and correctness. I highly recommend Rich Nicely. He will take care of you. P.S. if you would like to talk to me I would be happy to share my story with you.




Dr. Gary Rassner-Donovan
512 965 1625

I began to think of the possibility of selling my practice nearly 2 ½ years before I met Rich Nicely. I had worked with another brokerage company during that time, who did not provide any candidates that were even close to being capable of buying my practice.

I received a letter from Rich Nicely and contacted him. He immediately made plans to come to Paris, meet me, see my practice and the Paris community. Something no one else had done. Immediately my wife and I felt we had found our man.


I signed with Rich on May 30, 2012. By June 15th we had a completed appraisal. By the end of August Rich had found a buyer and the New Owner took possession on October 1, 2012. Everything was taken care of in a very compassionate and professional manner.


The transition is going very well.


On the side of the buyer, he stated that he had worked with several brokers previously in his search and cannot say enough about how Rich helped him in the process.


I can, without hesitation, highly recommend Rich Nicely to handle any dental transition – large or small.


Please feel free to call me at any time, I will try to answer any question regarding my experience with Rich Nicely of Texas Dental Transitions.



Joe L. Deupree, D.D.S.
Paris, Texas
(903) 517-8812

I have owned a dental practice for over 20 years in Irving, TX and when I made the decision to sell my practice and transition from an owner to an associate dentist, I called Rich Nicely, owner of Texas Practice Transitions. His experience with merging and sales of dental practices was extensive.

I was nervous and worried about the changes and I really had a lot of questions. Rich was reassuring, continuously available and a great listener. The practice evaluation was detailed and thorough. His advice and guidance through this process was invaluable. His knowledge of the field, attention to detail and no-pressure approach was greatly appreciated. It was painless.

I would highly recommend and encourage you to call Rich Nicely, for you practice transitions.

Thank you Rich,

Sandra L. Sieber, D.D.S., PC

I would like to relate my dental practice selling experience. I had over 2000 active patients in an average suburban Dallas dental practice.  Due to my late wife's serious illness I needed to sell my office. I was recommended a broker through my dental supplier and signed an agreement with them for a one year listing.

During that year not one prospective buyer was brought to my office.  After expiration of the contract,  I contacted other brokers who were just too busy listing and selling the "big" practices. I was just a small fish in a bid pond and they honestly told me they were too busy to list my office.  Then Rich Nicely came onto the scene. Rich is a consummate professional.  He really cared about me, listened and was attentive to my needs, just like we as dentists try to do for our patients. Within weeks a match was made, deal struck and a smooth transaction obtained. I really can’t say enough about how pleased I was with this transaction. I wish I had contacted Rich first.

James Manker, DDS

I would highly recommend Rich Nicely for all your dental transition and consulting needs.  Just out of school in 2003 I was like a babe in the woods not knowing which direction to go or what dangers lurked about.  Do you work for someone else as an associate and "hope" to be able to repay your loans and make some kind of a living? Do you dive in and buy the practice of your dreams and once again "hope" for the best?  As I pondered these questions I came across a nicely managed office in a great location and knew that was the kind of practice I wanted someday.  I inquired who the owner was and they gave me Rich's phone number.  We discussed the possibility of me being an associate and later Rich met me and I filled out a personality evaluation.  From that evaluation Rich could tell I was definitely more suited to be an owner rather than an associate. 

I looked at several opportunities with him and he would always give his honest opinion if the practice were right for me.  I never felt pressured to buy, and was actually told that he wouldn't sell me one if he didn't think it would work well for both parties.  That was refreshing to say the least.  As much as I kept looking for the North Dallas practice Rich kept encouraging me to look at a practice in Duncanville, Tx.  The area wasn't as desirable but the opportunity was amazing.  It consisted of a retiring 72 year old dentist that never did much crown and bridge.  The patients weren't routinely on any perio treatments or perio maintenance. Most all pedo, endo, and extractions were referred out.  The practice did about $260K in collections.  I was able to buy the practice for $185K. On top of that Rich negotiated lowered rent for the first two years.  Over the course of 6 years I was able to grow collections to $780K, make a great living all the while, and in 2009 I sold the practice. 

This income allowed me to invest in real estate and stocks and be at a place financially that I never thought possible at age 35.  I will forever be in Rich's debt.  He definitely found me the right and safe investment for me that he knew was a gold mine.  I now am onto my second practice around downtown Dallas but often long for the patient base and income of that first practice Rich found me in Duncanville.  He has my highest recommendation and will treat you right.

Dr. Alan Martin

I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Rich Nicely of Texas Practice Transitions. I recently listed and sold me practice through him. From the beginning it was sort of a complicated situation. We were actually combining and selling 2 practices simultaneously that were adjacent to each other in the same building. One had been partially closed for almost a year and mine was still open. Rich had to work out the complexities of working with 3 dentists instead of 2. This was much more complicated! Each of us had our own agenda but Rich worked hard to work out all of the problems and I feel we were able to work out a solution that was fair to all of us. I was particularly impressed with the way that he explained everything to each of us and worked hard to work out of the problems between us. He always kept us informed, which helped me feel more comfortable when things would bog down. I almost gave up several times but his encouragement helped me hang I'm there. If you are looking to sell or purchase a practice I don't believe you couldn't find anyone better than Rich Nicely to assist you. 

Charles Coppock D. D. S. 

We gladly recommend Rich Nicely as a Dental Practice Broker and for assistance with dental practice transitions. After 33 years of practicing dentistry in a small rural town in Arkansas, we felt that God was leading us to retire. I say “we” because my wife worked with me in my practice in various capacities during my 33 years in practice.

Before we decided on Rich as the broker for our practice, we interviewed practice brokers from several different dental practice transition companies. Rich was recommended to us by another broker in the Dallas area. He came to Arkansas to meet with us, and after our visit we felt that Rich would do a great job for us. We knew from talking with him that he would work hard to market our practice. We thought it would be a challenge to find a buyer for our practice in a rural area in Arkansas. However, Rich worked hard for us, and we had a buyer within three months. Rich helped our buyer find financing for the purchase of our practice and our building. We were very thankful for his assistance to our buyer in securing the financing for both the practice and our building. During the closing process, Rich worked closely with the bank for the buyer and with our attorney for the closing requirements. We felt that he gave us good advice and direction throughout this whole process.

It is a stressful time when you go through the sale of your practice and your building. We had worked for 33 years to build this practice. It meant a lot to us that we had someone like Rich that we could trust. Our buyer also appreciated the help that Rich gave to him during this process because he was a new dentist just graduating from dental school. We are thankful to Rich and all the time and attention he gave to us and our buyer in the sale of our practice. We look back on the experience with good memories. Rich told us that in his experience working with dentist in the sale of their practices, he would see that after the sale was final and sometime had gone by the dentist would grieve over the loss of his practice. You know what Rich, that hasn’t happened yet! We are greatly enjoying retirement. Our days are full of working with the ministries that we had only been able to do part time when we were working full time in our practice. We look back on our practice and the sale of the practice with good memories, and with thankfulness for this season of our life. Thank you, Rich, for your part in transitioning us into this wonderful time in our life.

James & Beverly Hankins

Dr. Del Greenhalgh purchased Dr. Connie Nicholson’s office in El Paso. He relocated to El Paso from Florida.

I've had a couple bad experiences attempting to buy a practice through other brokers, and working with Rich was like comparing night and day! From start to finish, I had a great experience working with Rich Nicely in my recent practice purchase of Dr. Nicholson’s practice in El Paso. I honestly can't say enough good about the guy and I feel lucky to have met him. I had initially contacted him about a practice he had listed for sale, and although that practice wasn't exactly what I was looking for, Rich listened to me and what I wanted/needed, and a couple months later when he came across something he thought would be a good fit for me, he called to see if I was interested.

He is the only broker I have worked with that I felt like I could fully trust. He didn't try to hide or sugar-coat things, he didn't try to rush things and he wasn't PUSHY. He was always straight forward and to the point with both the seller and myself. He always gave us the good and the bad of the practice’s I was looking at and also his honest evaluation of the situation.

Rich has a wealth of experience in the dental profession that I found invaluable and very helpful. He was always available and he spent hours on the phone with me answering my questions, providing me any information I wanted, giving me tips and ideas that went beyond just the practice transition. I truly believe Rich is the best broker out there and I will recommend him to all my friends and colleagues. THANKS FOR THE BEING THE REAL DEAL RICH!

Del Greenhalgh

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